Thursday, January 20, 2011

How much PRIDE do you have?

I recently purchased the Pride palette by Wet N Wild. I love this brand for several different reasons. First reason being my first makeup purchase was a Wet N Wild lipstick and that was about 15 years ago. Secondly, WNW products have great quality.

So, I purchased the Pride palette because the shades really caught my eye. I immediately went home to true it out and see what look I could come up with using just the colors in this particular palette. Here is a picture of the finished product...

Now, let me give you the step by step application process that I used (FYI...I used a small shadow brush and a blending brush for this look)

  1. I primed my can use the primer of your choice. I chose a matte primer/base in white.
  2. I took WNW Deep Blue Color Icon eye liner and cut my crease on my brow bone (from the outside corner of my eye to the inner eye crease to just before the inner corner). With a blending brush, I blend my crease line out and up.
  3. With a small shadow brush I took the matte white (very top left of palette) and  start at the inner corner going about 1/3 of the way across my lid.
  4. With the same small shadow brush I took the matte white blended (a little of both colors on the brush) with the matte green (right below the white) and applied that to the remainder of my lid. 
  5. With a blending brush I make sure the white and green matte colors are blended well. Apply the matte green to your shadow brush and apply that to the outer corner of the lid, blending inward towards the middle.
  6.  With your shadow brush apply a generous amount of matte blue (below the green in palette) to the cut crease to darken it up. Starting from the outer corner blending inward and upward to the point where you stopped your cut crease line. Use as little or as much as you want dependent upon the look you want to achieve. I took mine up rather far...I left just enough room for highlighting.
  7. After you've blended the colors using your blending brush in an upward motion (to make sure the blue does not mess up the white and green) add a little of the highly pigmented white (top right of palette) to the inner corner tear duct area of the eye (not in the eye though).
  8. I added the pigmented blue (very bottom right of palette) to the corner of my crease just to add a little shimmer.
  9. I lined my eyes using WNW Mega Eyes Creme Liner in black...feel free to add a wing to your liner just for the extra dramatic effect. I also used the Deep Blue to line my bottom water line.
  10. To seal the look add a pair of your favorite lashes!!!

I hope these were simple step by step instructions...thank you for visiting. Please follow me!! Smooches!!!

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