Monday, January 17, 2011

Peacocky...MAC Cosmetics Spring Collection

Hello Beauties...

The Peacocky collection is here!!! It is definitely a must have for's very dramatic and edgy. The colors are so vibrant and bold. This collection includes Mega Metal Shadows which come in 15 different shades and Kissable Lipcolours which come in 12 shades. I haven't decided which  eyeshadow shades I'm going to purchase but I will say that I do have my eye on Top of the Posh, Mating Call, Odalisque and Spectacle of Yourself. These shadows are very creaming and are great for blending and an added extra are the crease resistance (def. a plus).

Here are swatches of the shades I mentioned above:

Top of the Posh

Mating Call


Spectacle of Yourself

The kissable lipcolours are amazing. The shade choices are out of this world. These glosses glide on smoothly with a rich, highly pigmented finish. I have my eye on a few of these  also, but I absolutely, positively MUST HAVE Peacocky. Here are swatches of the lip colors that are on my "must have" list.



Love Peck

Vanity Fair

I'm all for bold, vibrant, bright, edgy, highly pigemented colors. This collection definitely gives me all of that and more. If you are into neutral colors, don't be discouraged. There are several in this collection as well. If you enjoyed these colors then feel free to check out the whole collection here The Peacocky Collection. Thanks for visiting my blog, please subscribe. Smooches!!!

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